Bags too good not to share!

Cheeky Bags LogoAs with most good ideas, they come from being unable to find what you need. Cheeky Bags started in Hong Kong late 2010, born out of a desire for cool, quirky baby clothing. Creations meant initially for our own Cheeky little one, soon became orders for others as word spread. 

Moving on from kids clothing, our next creation came with a more environmentally friendly theme. Tired of wasting plastic bags every time we went shopping, there had to be a better, longer-lasting solution.

So out came the sewing machine and our Cheeky Tote bags were born! After using them for ourselves initially, we soon realised they were too good not to share!

We didn’t stop there. Always looking out for great ideas, we expanded into Little Man Bags, Kids Bean Bags, Ballet Bags, Roll-up Car/Chalk Mats, and LEGO Play Mats.

The latest product we’re really excited about is our Wet Bags, which are a perfect way to keep things zipped up and dry. They just happen to fit perfectly inside a Cheeky Tote Bag!

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Cheeky Bags is relocating to Australia. We'll be re-launching soon!